Be Greeted, Psychoneurotics!

Greetings from Calgary, Alberta!  I’m here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for a very special purpose: to attend the International Dabrowski Congress, a gathering of what I have found to be truly wonderful people—people I immediately recognized to be kindred spirits, and whom I know several of you who read this blog would consider so as well.

A special greeting to anyone who is visiting my blog from the Congress!  You’ll see that the Dabrowski drop-down menu leads to some pages that are very much works in progress, not read for the big time.  I’ve only written about one OE so far, and have only placeholder pages for most of the things—in other words, it’s really not ready for the big time.  Now that I’m all spun up with thoughts about Dabrowski’s theory, I’ll be working on finishing and improving them in the days and weeks to come (if you follow this blog or @CounterNarrate, I’ll post updates when the sketchy pages are finished), in an effort to spread the word about the Theory of Positive Disintegration to more people who know would value it, in a beginner-oriented way.

To other readers, I guess you must be scratching your head and wondering what on Earth I’m talking about.  Perhaps in particular the title of this post puzzles you.  Well, for now, all I’ll say is that Dr. Dabrowski was complimenting you if he called you a psychoneurotic, and he wrote this poem in your honor.

Dr. Dabrowski’s theory has become very valuable to me, and it could be to so many others if they only have an opportunity to hear about it.  In this blog, I’ll be working on some static pages (as opposed to blog posts, for those of you familiar with WordPress) to introduce the concepts and support blog posts I’ll be doing in the future on the subject.  I can’t wait to share these wonderful ideas with you, and I hope some of you will find them as meaningful as I have.

Right now, though, I’m going to go to bed, because I’ve just spent two days thinking about these ideas and I’m heading off to Banff National Park to process them tomorrow. I think it’s going to be the perfect place for a little transcendent thinking.

I can’t wait to tell you more!  Until then, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Be Greeted, Psychoneurotics!

  1. Anyone know Polish? I’ve been thinking for some time that there really needs to be a better translation of Dabrowski’s poem (starting with the term psychoneurotics…) Welcome, highly sensitive person doesn’t really cut it either!


    1. I can’t remember the source exactly, but I think that there’s another version out there, but that Dabrowski’s family considers this one–approved (if not translated? I’m not certain) by Kazimierz Dabrowski himself–the preferable one, the one that gets precisely at what he meant by it.

      I have to day, I’ve become kind of partial to the term psychoneurotics! It’s as though the process of coming to terms with that word is part of the process of recognizing that disintegrations can be positive. 🙂 But what about you? Do you find yourself put off by it, or fear that others would be, or…?


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