Published: Book Reviews for Building a Strategically Magnanimous Left

In all the commotion leading up to the DSA convention (two weeks to go!) I nevertheless have managed to get some content for you, my valued audience!  I’ve written another article for DSA’s magazine, Democratic Left, which just made it onto the Internet.  After engaging in discussions with other DSAers, I’ve come to see this topic as even more important than I realized when I was invited to write a review of Our Revolution and Hegemony How-To last spring.  I’ve started speaking of it as strategic magnanimity.  “Magnanimous” has always been a favorite word of mine (I love the idea of being great souled), and it’s not about “just being nice because you have to.”  It’s about getting results.

Anyway, I hint at that in this article.  Expect more on this topic after the convention!

Organizing for Resistance


3 thoughts on “Published: Book Reviews for Building a Strategically Magnanimous Left

  1. I was looking at Hegemony How-To last week … your review cinches it for me, as this is exactly where I’m trying to go! Now that I’m out of the grief stage, I’m into listening. Hearing. Asking TONS of questions. It was months ago that I first read Postman, but only just the last couple of weeks–thanks to stuff going on at work–that I really got what he means about questions being the most valuable tool we have. I’m so into anything that can help guide me along a path of learning to wield questions well. 🙂

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    1. Yes yes yes! I’d love to hear what you think of Hegemeony How-To. I think everyone in DSA who aspires to have impact should read it. You’re so right that asking questions well is a powerful, powerful tool!

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