Life & Project Updates

Hello everyone!  No “real” post today, but just a quick update to let you know that I haven’t been abducted by aliens.

Two things have gotten in the way of posting, one external to this project and one directly related to it.  The external thing is that Max and I got married last month, which is time consuming but also fun!

The directly related thing is that I am hard at work on a project that takes the core of this blog and expands it into something bigger and better than a WordPress blog.  Blogs are good for people who are writing a bit in their spare time, but are a dead end for the type of writing I want to do, or so it seems to me.  I realized I needed to either write more and more quickly, or go really deep, in which case, a better, more formal platform was merited.  So I’m working on that.  I’ll be back here to update you all when it’s ready.  (There’s one big “it,” with some peripheral projects as well.)

In the meantime, here’s a video of one of the stars of this blog, my dad!  And a glimpse of me in the last frame.  Because Dad didn’t get to be at the wedding.

17 thoughts on “Life & Project Updates

  1. Congratulations on your marriage. This wish is for both of you, hopefully for the rest of your lives together:

    May you live in contentment.
    May you be healthy.
    May you rise to your challenges.
    And above all, may you grow spiritually.


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  2. If you go through the photos backwards it looks like you combined getting married with taking Detroit by amphibious assault. 🙂

    The cat in the video looks like it’s about to spontenously combust with pleasure. It’s funny there’s the saying you scratch behind the ears when what cats love most of all is being scratched in front of the ears.

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    1. The amphibious assault went over splendidly with our guests! Five stars on Yelp for the venue.

      Dad loved cats, and they loved him. He even got Athena to submit to being vacuumed. “She knows now that she has less fur in her mouth afterward,” he said. None of the rest of us could figure out how he managed to overcome the cat’s natural antipathy toward its traditional enemy, the vacuum cleaner. Athena definitely went through grief at losing Dad, too.

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