Introducing Third Factor Magazine!

Hello everyone!  The project I’ve been alluding to officially launched today.  Check it out at!  If you’ve followed CounterNarration, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll enjoy Third Factor.  It’s essentially more of the same, but more polished, with more voices, and better community.  We’re trying to get an old school message board off the ground, to see if maybe that provides a better space for discussion than Facebook and Twitter and even WordPress comment sections.  I would be so pumped if those of you who regularly comment here were to drop by over there and join in the discussion.

As for this blog, it’s in flux right now; I am not shutting it down, but I will continue to shift more of my attention over there.  I envision this as a place where I will continue to play with ideas that might be more fully developed at after the fact.  I also am likely to repurpose some of the posts I made here, polishing them and developing them further as TF articles—thanks in great part to your excellent comments!

Anyway, I’d be honored if you were to hop on over.  There are several new posts over there, including the first half of a long one that I’m particularly proud of about Robert F. Kennedy, and a great one by my co-founder Chris Wells (she gave me co-author credit for some contributions, but really, the bulk of the heavy lifting was hers!) offering some key context for discussing overexcitability.

And if you think it’s worthwhile, I would be deeply honored if you saw fit to share TF or any of its articles on social media.  Our goal is to get TPD’s ideas out there to a popular audience, because we think it’s the Theory for Our Time, as our inaugural issue argues.  Right now it’s largely stuck in academia and among specialists, but we think it could appeal much more broadly.

In other news, I’m off to the Dabrowski Congress tomorrow, to present on Friday!

And I’m really far behind on everything, because I got sick again.  I think my apartment is toxic.  This is really not fun.  But I’ll have to solve that later because I lost a week to bronchitis and am behind.  So…more later!

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