About CounterNarration

They say it’s important to have a theme for your blog.  Though I write about a hodgepodge of whatever engages me, when I looked back at my archives, I realized that something does indeed tie together most of my posts: realizing human potential.

How can we do what we’re meant to do?  How do we even know what that is?  What is it that gets in our way?

On this note, we can shift our focus in either of two directions (though it’s neither possible nor desirable to completely separate them)—inward, exploring our inner worlds, abilities, and motivations, or outward, parsing the social architecture that either frees or ensnares us.  I like to ramble on about both!

When we turn inward for the sake of the external, I frequently find myself rambling about the work of Polish psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski.  His work was all about each person’s struggle to turn what is into what ought to be.  He came up with this thing called the Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD), which isn’t known nearly well enough, so I put together a little introduction to it.  I’m sure to come back to this as I muse about creativity, living with intensity, and the biographies of fascinating people, among other inward-looking topics.  I love quirky people and other excellent characters.

And then, when looking outward for the sake of the internal, we’re applying American sociologist C. Wright Mills’ wonderful notion of the sociological imagination: the idea that we can make more sense of our life stories if we place them in context of our the world around us.  I can’t think of a better tool for parsing the architecture of our modern lives or for guiding us through the mess of modern US politics, which are just two of the outward-looking topics you’ll find here.

But that’s just a small sampling of the topics I’m liable to go on about.  If you’re at all intrigued, it would be a great honor to have you join us by following CounterNarration, posting comments on any post or page, and/or sharing anything you like on your favorite social media platform.  You can also join in through the blog’s Facebook page.

If you’d like to know more about me personally, my bio page is here, and you can contact me privately with this form.

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