This is a work in progress, but here are some of the topics I’ll be expounding on, introduced in brief for those who would like a guide in slightly more depth than the menu above.

  • Dabrowski: I stumbled across the Theory of Positive Disintegration in 2012 and saw tremendous value in it.  I’m sure more people would find it quite applicable to their lives, so I’m trying to present it here in my own words.  (There are other sites talking about that already, but what fun is that for a blogger aspiring to create her own content?)
  • Democracy & Socialism: I’ve been a democratic socialist since 2011.  Or rather, I’ve been one for a lot longer than that, but that’s when I found the label and decided that what our political culture needs is for people to state this flat out, which they used to do until rather recently, but that’s the subject for another post.  I also ramble on about politics in general, though the 2016 election is not giving me a lot I feel like saying at the moment.
  • Grief: I miss my dad.  I talk about that here.
  • Coming Soon! Life Architecture / Digital Serenity: I like to gripe about reflect critically on the society we’ve built around us and think about ways we could make it more conducive to whatever the Good Life might actually be, ranging from our digital devices to the 40-hour work week.
  • Coming sometime! Applied Idealism: Something I am planning to write about in the future, apart from the single post I linked.  This mostly exists here so I remember to upgrade it from a tag to a topic.  Idealism gets a bad rap, which is more symptomatic of a malady afflicting early 21st century US culture than anything reflecting a valuable and lasting truth.
  • Coming Eventually! Language: I love learning languages and I have things to say about this.  I’m working on Japanese and Russian at the time.  I plan to ramble on about that at some point, but it’s mostly placeholder stuff at the moment. I also have background in French and hang out with people who study other languages.
  • Something I realized I write about a lot that should be a topic! Creativity and Intelligence: What is this?  What does it even mean?  I’m trying to figure this out.

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